Our products:

Chick Mash
Layers bird are introduced in the farm when they are one day old and are fed Milele Chick Mash from day one upto 8 weeks of age.
Growers Mash
Feed your pullets with Milele Feeds Growers Mash from the 9th to 19th weeks of age.
Layers Mash
Feed Milele Feeds Layers from 20th week of age.
Broiler Finisher
Always finish your broiler with Milele Broiler Finisher Fast Grow from 4th week slaughter.


We at MILELE FEEDS LTD are committed to manufacturing quality animal feed to support the industry.

We ensure that poultry feeds released into the market are of good quality in terms of formulation and free from impurities and other non-feed materials.